Ai Xuan, the Chinese national first class artist, was born in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, on November 11, 1947. He is the member of the Chinese Artists Association and the executive director of China Oil Painting Society. Ai Xuan is the son of Chinese famous poet Ai Qing and half-brother of Chinese famous contemporary artist Ai Weiwei. Ai Xuan is a representative of Chinese realistic painting artists. Currently he works as a professional painter in Beijing Painting Institute. In 1981, his work “A Man of Great Will” won the second prize of the Second National Exhibition of Young Artists.

The most prominent characteristic of his work style is lyric based on the scenery and figure of the painting. Ai Xuan painted the Tibetan plateau scenery and lonely figure, mainly to express his inner world of feelings. Therefore, his work is not just Tibetan style painting, rather, his inner monologue. Silence, quiet reflection and nameless loneliness penetrate the whole atmosphere of figures and pictures of his works. The lonely figure in the vast expanse of grass, snow field, wilderness, his (her) life and the nature seemed to avoid all the audience’s attention. Even under rare circumstances, the figure facing the audience (such as “Tundra”) also observes the estranged world with indifferent and strange vision. Ai Xuan pinned his thoughts and feelings in realistic images. He expresses his emotion through the scenery with the artistic conception and creates the fusion of feelings with the natural setting.