Wang Junyi(王俊懿),born in Guilin, Guangxi Province in 1974, is Chinese jadeite contemporary artist, jade carving master and Asian jewelry artist. In the early 1990s, he started to dabble in the jade industry and learn classical jade carving art. After more than 20 years endeavor, he created a unique Jadeite artistic conceptions which fused classic and modern jade carving aesthetics. Since 2000, he has broken through the space and time boundaries of the traditional jade carving crafts and created extraordinary Jadeite arts. His works are not only full of the impressive atmosphere of oriental art, but also embody the realistic and vivid beautiful of the Western art. With extraordinary courage and skill to break the limitations of the material Jadeite, Wang Junyi is bringing jade art into the infinite. On October 30, 2014, Wang Junyi went to the Louvre with his 50 outstanding jadeite artworks which were made in past 20 years and brought the French a grand banquet of the Chinese unique jade art and culture.