Nima Zeren, Chinese national first class artist, was born in the Batang County of Sichuan Province in 1944. In 1962, he graduated from the Minority Class of the Sichuan Art Academy. Nima Zeren was the Panchen painter of the deceased tenth Panchen Lama Gyaltsen. Nima now is the vice-director of the Gandun Tibetan Autonomous District Art Institute and the research fellow of traditional Tibetan and Buddhist Painting in the Chinese Tibetan Institute.

Being a Chinese Tibetan minority painter, Nima has his own original opinions and profound thoughts towards Tibetan culture and tries to use modern artistic approach to express the traditional Tibetan culture. Most of his works combine Tibetan art, Chinese traditional art with the western art factors and convey solemn and respectful religious connotations. This also distinguishes his works from the traditional Tibetan thangka painting. Nima’s artworks retain vivid color, exaggerated features of the traditional Tibetan art, combining with the artistic approach of Chinese painting line and the western stereoscopic modeling means. They profoundly depict the mystical Tibetan perception of the world.