“Da Tang Sanzang Sheng Jiao Xu” 《大唐三藏圣教序》 is an inscription written by Li Shimin (597-649, an emperor in Tang Dynasty) to memorialize Chinese famous Buddhist monk Xuanzang (玄奘596-664 Tang Dynasty). “Da Tang Sanzang Sheng Jiao Xu” was first written in calligraphy by Chu Suiliang (褚遂良596-658, a famous calligrapher active in Tang Dynasty) and engraved by Wan Wenshao (a man active in Tang Dynasty, 618-907). The inscription was later engraved on the gravestone with Wang Xizhi calligraphy set collected by Buddhist monk Huairen in the Tang Xianheng third year (672). The gravestone has a size of 350 cm height, 108 cm width and 28 cm depth. Because there are seven Buddha statues engraved on the top of the gravestone, the inscription is also known as “Seven Buddha Sheng Jiao Xu” 《七佛圣教序》which contains 30 lines with 83 to 88 characters on each line.