Tianhuang stone(田黄石) is one the most precious Shoushan stone variety which is traded in China as a gemstone and is used for carvings. The stone derives its name from its yellow color and the place where it was discovered. It is produced in rice fields on both sides of the Shoushan creek in Fuzhou Shoushan village. In China, it is considered as the best material for the seal carving and was cherished by the royal families in the history. Common colors of Tianhuang stone are yellow, white, red, brown and other colors. In a narrow sense, only yellow precious stones found in those rice fields of the middle hill slope on both sides of the Shoushan creek can be named “Tianhuang”.

The material of Tianhuang stone consists mainly of nacrite, but may also contain minor illite or dickite in varying proportions. The most expensive Tianhuang stone contains golden yellow nacrite with a coating of colorless, transparent to semi-transparent dickite. Tianhuang stone is so precious now that its value is much higher than the gold with the same weight.