Scholar’s Studio Art “Arm Rest” 臂搁精品

Arm rest (Bi Ge 臂搁) is an ancient Chinese writing appliances for resting arm during writing. In addition to preventing the ink stick in the outer sleeve, cushioning arm rest during writing makes the wrist feel very comfortable, especially when writing a small font by Chinese brush. Therefore, arm rest is also known as the wrist pillow.

Arm rest’s appearance is closely related to the Chinese ancient way of writing and Chinese ancient tools. In the past, Chinese used the brush and ink to write on paper from right to left. It usually caused ink to stain Chinese long sleeves. So, smart people invented arm rest in Chinese Ming Dynasty. There are many materials used to make arm rest such as bamboo, boxwood, rosewood, purple, mahogany, ivory. The most common material is bamboo. It is generally made with a bamboo cut, usually no more than thirty three cm in length and seven to eight cm in width. The porcelain material appeared after Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty. The ivory material became popular in the Qing Yongzheng and Qianlong period and most of them are the palace royal supplies.