Emperor Yongzhen’s Bao Sou(Seals Collection) 雍正宝薮

The so-called “Bao Sou “(宝薮) is a brochure that bearing an emperor’s seals collection. Before the Qing Dynasty there was no such a term called ” Bao Sou ” and the term was said to be the invention of the Emperor Qianlong. The earnest Bao Sou should be made in the Qianlong period. Whenever a new emperor ascended the throne, Emperor’s Royal Seals were collected together and Bao Sou was made to keep the record of each seal. During the Qing dynasty, each emperor basically have his own Bao Sou to record his collection of seals. By convention, each emperor of the Qing Dynasty usually has Bao Sou in triplicate, one copy being kept in the palace, one saved in the imperial achieve and the other is stored together with Emperor’s Seals in Jingshan Shou Huang Hall.