Tang Dynasty witnessed the most sophisticated technology and unparalleled prosperity of gold and silver wares in ancient China. The unearthed relics showed that the gold and silver wares in the Tang Dynasty were not only numerous in quantity and variety but also have the exquisite designs and delicate veins. They were a marker of the magnificence and splendour of the Tang Dynasty.

The gold and silver wares in the Tang Dynasty can be classified into table ware, dining ware, container, medical ware, ware for daily use and decoration, and ware for religious ceremony. The veins are diverse, and the shape and veins represent the distinctive features and style of the time. The processing technology was rather complicated and elaborate. At that time, the techniques such as hammering, casting, welding, cutting, polishing, coating, engraving and carving were widely applied. Hejia Village in Xi’an, the Dingmao Bridge in Jiangsu and the Famen Temple in Shanxi Province have unearthed a number of treasures of gold and silver wares in the Tang Dynasty. Most of the excavated wares have been collected at the museums all over the country.