Tick rhino lacquer (剔犀漆器) is one kind of Chinese traditional lacquerware painted mainly with red and black color. To make tick rhino lacquer, craftsman first paint on the lacquer base with one color and then paint it with another color. After the painting reaches certain thickness and then carve the lacquerware with a knife at a 45 degree angle to create different patterns such as fret, cloud, sword ring, curly grass and so on.

As the edge of the knife section reveals different color layer of paint, and a cross-sectional layers of texture has very similar effects as the texture of rhino horns, therefore the lacquerware’s name is called “tick rhino”. This unique texture of tick rhino achieves more wealth and vivid decorative effect than the solid lacquerware.

Compared with red tick lacquerware, tick rhino has richer colors, but simpler theme. It is not carved with landscapes, figures, flowers, birds, insects, fish, but lines concise, smooth and generous “moire” instead. Therefore, in Beijing, Shanxi, it is also known as the “Yundiao” (云雕). In Japan, it is called “bent wheel”(屈轮).
Jiangzhou tick rhino (绛州剔犀) is the most famous tick rhino lacquerware made in Xinjiang County, Shanxi province. He Junming(何俊明) is the master of Jiangzhou tick rhino art. In 2011, the craft of Jiangzhou tick rhino was named the national intangible cultural heritage.